Lunch/Recess Policy

Lunch & Recess Policy    

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Lunch and Recess


GRADES                       RECESS                        LUNCH

KG-2                          11:05-11:30                 11:30-11:50

Gr. 3- 6                      11:45-12:10                12:10-12:30


Students play outside when the temperature and wind chill are 25 degrees or above. On days when students are unable to be outside, they play in the gym. NO ONE is to kick a ball in the gym. Supervisors are to position themselves at each end of the gym. For safety reasons, students may also be kept inside for recess on days with high winds or excessive heat.


When an accident occurs, depending on the degree of injury, an adult will accompany the child to the office, send another student with the injured child or send for an adult. At the end of recess, the supervisor must fill out an accident report. Head injuries can be very serious – a student will be sent to the office to be checked and a head injury form will be completed. Parents will be notified of all accidents by a phone call or note.


No pretend fighting or physical contact of any nature

No food, candy, etc.

No inappropriate language

No bullying

No baseballs, snowballs, or sharp objects such as sticks, pencils, etc.

No standing or sitting on top of the picnic tables

No dodgeball

Tap football only – grades 3, 4, 5, 6 using soft football

If a ball goes across the street – the supervisor will get for younger students, and for older students (grades 4, 5, 6) give permission and watch student cross the street

No climbing trees

Sticks, rocks, and mulch are not to be thrown or used improperly


Merry-go-round            Church steps and ramp