FAQ Continuous Learning

updated April 3, 2020

Monday and Wednesday - Classroom Instruction
Student CHOICE of Tuesday OR Thursday - Special Area Instruction


Teachers will inform students of their lessons, activities and assignments through each teacher’s Google Classroom home page by 9:00 a.m. on Monday and Wednesday.  Special Area assignments will be posted by 9:00am on Tuesday for the week.

Distance Learning Achievement Monitoring

  •  Participation in distance learning is a requirement and not optional.  Attendance is tracked via assignment completion and submission, whether online or paper/pencil.  Teachers and school administrators are actively monitoring student work. We have scheduled the next curbside drop-off and pick-up day for Monday, April 27th where families can turn in completed work and pick up additional items. 
  • Special Area assignments are completed on the honor system. 
  • Classroom assignments will receive a completion grade.
  • Student grades will not be lowered due to the COVID -19 closure.

Distance Learning assignments for the week are due by 9:00pm Sunday

Distance Learning Assignment Completion Expectations

  • While it is preferred for students to complete assignments on the day they are assigned, a five-day window provides students adequate time to complete and submit the assignments.
  • The final deadline for submitting the week's completed assignments is 9:00pm Sunday.
  • Teachers will grant an extension for students to complete work when the situation warrants
    and extension. Contact your teacher if you are unable to complete assignments by the deadline.

Distance Learning Expectations for Special Ed 

  • Students will be given appropriate modifications and accommodations per their ISP.